Cain Modern in Spain

Cain Modern designers went to Spain to enjoy it’s history, nature and art.  The designers also wanted to view how the Spanish are working out their financial crisis, it was a great experience overall and we wish Spain well.

Spain has great Antiques, wonderful art galleries like the Barcelona’s Museums of Contemporary Art (MACBA) in Barcelona  and  Museo Lázaro Galdiano in Madrid, a museums that was devolved by a wealthy businessman and journalist José Lázaro Galdiano who over the years  acquired an impressive collection of paintings from each of the major European schools. Works by all the Spanish greats, a drawing attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci and paintings by the English masters Constable, Gainsborough and Reynolds are among the  highlights of the 15,000 items contained in the recently renovated mansion in the tiny neighborhood of Barrio Salamanca.

Despite the problems Spain has their people are willing to recycle their waste in order to contribute to a healthy  environment around the world.

If you are traveling to Spain you must see their Antiques stores, Art Museums, Fine Arts, Contemporary Arts, Modern Arts, Architects, Bullfights and also go to their restaurants for great food.

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